Service Excellence Transformation membership

Service Excellence Steering Committee (SESC)

The Service Excellence Steering Committee (SESC) provides oversight of, and guidance to, the SET program and acts as the conduit between the SET Program Office and existing governance bodies at the university, including the President’s Executive Committee—Strategic (PEC-S), which has responsibility and accountability for the overall SET program.

While final decision-making authority rests with the Board of Governors, with due consideration of the recommendation of the General Faculties Council (GFC), the process of developing proposals and recommendations for change will be a collective community effort.

Led by the Vice-President University Services & Finance (formerly called VP Finance & Administration), SESC membership is drawn from senior academic and administrative staff to ensure that all SET initiatives incorporate a range of university perspectives. SESC works in parallel with the institutional efforts for academic restructuring through the Academic Restructuring Working Group (ARWG), and the initiatives related to structural changes to academic units.

  • Chair: Todd Gilchrist — Vice-President University Services & Finance
  • Steve Dew — Provost and Vice-President (Academic)
  • Melissa Padfield — Vice-Provost and University Registrar
  • Andrew Sharman — Vice-President Facilities & Operations
  • Jennifer Tupper — Dean, Faculty of Education
  • Bob Haennel — Dean, Faculty of Rehabilitation
  • Fraser Forbes — Dean, Faculty of Engineering

Note: the VP University Services & Finance portfolio was renamed from VP Finance & Administration (F&A) on November 5, 2020. We would like to thank Gitta Kulczycki, who was VP F&A until September 30, 2020.

SET Program Office

  • Rob Munro — Executive Lead
  • Brian Stewart — Program Director, SET (Administrative Transformation)
  • Megan McDougald — Manager, Strategic & Transformational Change
  • Michelle Brown — Change Management Coordinator
  • Heather Newton — Executive Director, Communications
  • Jessalyn King — Communications Coordinator
  • Taylor Downing — Communications Coordinator
  • Crystal Wood — Communications Coordinator (part-time)
  • Andrea Graham — Program Administrator
  • Sara Horseman — Financial Analyst
  • Caitlin Beauchamp— Financial Analyst
  • Rajesh Bali — Project Manager, Space & Facilities
  • Phil Webb — Project Manager, Procurement
  • Kevin Moffitt — Training Coordinator

Administrative transformation team

  • Brendan Woychuk — Organization Design (HR, External Engagement)
  • Melanie Keizer — Organization Design (Student Services, Hub)
  • Kazim Hussain — Organization Design (IT, Finance, Hub)
  • Annette MacPherson — HR Specialist Lead
  • Valerie George — HR Specialist (FoMD)
  • Tim Abram — Business Analyst (Finance/FoMD)
  • Raji Rajalakshmi — Business Analyst (IT, External Engagement, The Hub)
  • Fatima Rana — Business Analyst (Student Services)
  • Esther Yeung — Business Analyst (Research Administration)
  • Lynn Bell— Business Analyst (Shared Services)
  • Wendy Abraniuk — Business Analyst (Shared Services)
  • Tobie Smith — Project Manager (Finance)
  • Glen Sabatier — Project Manager (IT)
  • Denis Fortin — Project Manager, HR Specialist (Research Administration)
  • Rehan Malik — Project Manager (Shared Services)
  • Donna Harrop Mckinley — Change Management Specialist (Shared Services)
  • Irene Lumsdon — Change Management Specialist (IT)
  • Amber Holder — Change Management Specialist (Finance)
  • Oliver Rossier — Change Management Specialist (External Engagement, Research Administration)
  • Kristy Wuetherick — Change Management Specialist (Student Services)
  • Tom Hidson — Change Management Specialist (Student Services)

Executive sponsors

To ensure expertise and knowledge within each of the functional workstreams, academic and administrative leaders have partnered and taken on the role of sponsors to help guide the change to a new organizational model. Read more >