Service culture

Core to the operating model is the enhancement of the U of A’s service culture and a commitment to continuous improvement. All administrative functions and activities must serve and support the university’s mission to the highest possible standard with the resources available.

It’s important to note that implementing and training new processes and modes of delivery is disruptive and can initially lead to a drop in service and satisfaction levels. However, with a commitment to continuous improvement, the long-term outcome can result in higher levels of satisfaction, as has been seen at other universities that have undertaken similar organizational change.

How will we ensure continuous improvement of service excellence? 

  1. The SET program has put in place pulse surveys for faculty and staff — and will soon start this for students as well. These provide check-in points on the current state and helps to identify needs.
  2. We will be developing key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure performance and adjust as needed (eg: response time, cycle times, engagement survey results, etc.).

We will be implementing a continuous improvement team, which will be trained and devoted to dealing with issues proactively and effectively throughout the implementation process and beyond.