Principles for administrative restructuring

In addition to being guided by the university’s core values, the SET program has adopted a set of principles — endorsed through the administrative governance process — to guide the development of recommendations for the university’s administrative structure. 

The SET initiative has five key principles:

  1. Commitment to taking urgent action
    The SET Program started quickly and is focusing on simplifying processes and improving service experience while undertaking detailed operating and organizational design work.

  2. Genuine openness to thinking differently
    We are committed to working with leaders and staff to solve the problems that exist and build a solution collaboratively that sets the university up for long term success.

  3. A transparent consultation process
    We are establishing a robust change management and consultation strategy led by the SET Program Office to ensure the approach is transparent and sustainable.

  4. Entire university engagement
    The SET Program Office and leadership will communicate frequently and openly, addressing known challenges and creating an inclusive space for meaningful engagement throughout the process.

  5. Regular progress evaluation
    The transformation process will be regularly evaluated against agreed criteria and supported by clear metrics.