The SET team has been planning the transition of the university's administrative services from the current state to the new model. This process will centralize a number of administrative services and requires a redistribution of the university's workforce from faculties and central portfolios to new units in the centre, which will allow the university to take advantage of economies of scale and provide services more efficiently.

The initial focus of transition planning includes functional reviews to change and improve processes through the six functional streams and identifies critical services and timeframes to ensure the appropriate resources are in place to maintain these services. It also includes a commitment to support our staff through this challenging transition. Please read the Transition Plan, released December 10, 2020, for more detail.

2021 Timeline

2021 at a glance

January - March 2021

  • Launch procurement implementation
  • Begin hiring Director of Partners
  • Launch Space & Facilities implementation
  • Integrate administrative redesign model with new academic structure
  • Staff Service Centre and Transaction Processing Hub pilot begins
  • Begin hiring Senior Partners, College General Managers, Faculty General Managers, and Service Partners
  • Roll out service accountability framework, expectations, and indicators
  • Complete phase 1 of staff layoffs (March 31)

April - June 2021

  • Begin moving staff to new positions in the operating model
  • Begin transition of processes and people (IT, HR, Student Services, Finance, Research Administration, External Engagement)
  • Staff Service Centre and Transaction Processing Hub launches
  • Design service culture/ accountability training
  • Roll out service culture/ leadership training programs

July - December 2021

  • Planning for final phase of staff transitions and reductions
  • Functional review transition completed

For a more detailed timeline, see here.

What happened in 2020?

2020 at a glance

February 2020

  • Government of Alberta tabled its 2020 Budget

March 2020

  • Public announcement of 1000 job losses

April 2020

  • Initial report to recommend effective response to funding reductions 

May 2020

  • University of Alberta for Tomorrow initiative launched
  • Service Excellence Steering Committee (SESC) launched
  • Service Excellence Transformation (SET) program planned

July 2020

  • SET Program Office established and senior leadership structural changes announced

August 2020

  • Draft operating model scoped
  • Staff pulse survey launched
  • Staff Advisory Team (SAT) designed

September 2020

  • Preferred operating model endorsed by SESC

October 2020

  • Operating model approach and Vice-President reorganization completed and approved by Board
  • Series of stakeholder consultations

November 2020

  • Staff reduction targets and transition plans released
  • SET interim report released

December 2020

  • Functional reviews commence discovery as staff transition planning continues

Engagement with the U of A community will happen throughout the process.