Clarification about PCard and credit card use

24 June 2021

In May, there was a communication on the SET website regarding a rapid process improvement (RPI) related to purchasing cards (PCards) for expense reimbursement. The published content stated that the RPI had been completed, which is not accurate. This particular RPI has been removed from the website and we apologize for any confusion this communication has caused.

Of special note: it is not mandatory to use a PCard and expenses will continue to be reimbursed on personal credit cards.

The RPI in question related to PCards replacing personal credit cards for expense reimbursement. Expense reimbursement is under review as part of the whole SET procurement initiative. Please review the procurement page for more information on the "Electronic purchasing card (PCard) reconciliation tool" project in Wave 1 (to be completed by March 2022).

The new reconciliation tool will be implemented in the fall, streamlining the reconciliation process. We aim to make the process fully electronic and eliminate all paper receipts and statements. Personal credit cards can still be used, but will not be able to exceed the $500/claim limit, published in UAPPOL. While the university does not currently enforce the published claim limits, it will begin to do so once the process review is completed, before the end of Fiscal Year End 2022.