U of A for Tomorrow Updates: October 15, 2020

15 October 2020

Here are the key U of A for Tomorrow updates from this week:

UniForum questions answered

In Fall 2018, the University of Alberta introduced the UniForum program, an international benchmarking initiative designed for reviewing university support services such as finance, purchasing, human resources, communications, and information technology. The information that has been collected over two years is now an important tool in developing U of A for Tomorrow and the SET toolkit.

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Five top questions from roundtables

To date, President Bill Flanagan, Provost Steven Dew, and Rob Munro, Executive Lead, SET, have hosted nine roundtables with faculty, staff and students in faculties. A number of common questions have been raised in the sessions. Here is a quick look at the top five questions.

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Meet SET Executive Sponsors

A key aspect of the U of A for Tomorrow and SET initiatives is the restructuring of all administrative functions. To ensure continuity of expertise and knowledge within each of the functional areas, academic and administrative leaders have partnered up and taken on the role of sponsors to help guide the change to a new organizational model. Meet the SET academic and administrative sponsors.

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Frequently asked questions

Questions about both academic and administrative questions have been asked at town halls, roundtables, and online. You can find answers to the most commonly asked questions on the FAQ page.

Ongoing consultations/engagement

We want to make sure that we communicate, engage with and respond to faculty and staff as much as possible throughout the UAT transformation. Your feedback is critical to academic and administrative restructuring, so we encourage you to share your insights through one (or more) of the avenues for consultation. Dates for roundtables with central units and portfolios will be added soon.

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