Release of SET Interim Report

26 November 2020

On behalf of the Service Excellence Steering Committee (SESC), we are pleased to present the Service Excellence Transformation (SET) Interim Report to the University of Alberta community. At roundtable discussions and other consultations, we have heard from many people that a comprehensive overview of the SET program is needed.  This report includes a review of the work that has been done to date on the SET program and provides the data, analysis, and rationale that informed the decisions for the new operating model. It also shares details about the next steps for SET.

Since the launch of the SET program last spring, it has been a journey. In consultation with members of the U of A community, we have been rethinking the university’s administrative structure, systems and process. Our goal is to effectively and efficiently support the core teaching, research, and community engagement mission, enrich the student experience, while also addressing our current funding crisis. While we are moving at a fast pace, we are on track with our SET program plan and have achieved some major milestones, including the approval of the new administrative operating model. We know that the pace of change creates an increasingly stressful and uncertain period for everyone, and we thank faculty, staff, and students for their engagement in the process.

Engagement and Consultation

The SET team has been involved in one-on-one consultations, workshops, roundtables, and pulse surveys, with much more to come. Our approach is to be transparent and open—transformation of this magnitude must include everyone and we know we need to do more to reach all members of the community. The next phase will focus on engagement with staff to ensure the new administrative operating model is successful. While full implementation will unfold over the next 18 months, we want to emphasize that the model is a framework and making it functional is a critical process that will require staff engagement from across the university.

Upcoming Event

On Dec 3 at 3—4 pm, we will be hosting the first of a series of events at which members of the community can ask questions and share ideas on the progress and implementation of SET. President Bill Flanagan and Provost Steven Dew will also join us. Because we recognize that there have been few forums devoted specifically to support staff questions, suggestions, and concerns, the event on Dec 3 will be called: Ask SET Anything: Support Staff Edition. We invite support staff to register for this event here

We are committed to updating the community regularly. We will be updating the FAQ section frequently over the next month, as well as releasing a more detailed transition implementation plan in early December. 

Thank you for your critical and constructive engagement in the administrative restructuring process at the University of Alberta. Please visit the UAT website to learn more and provide feedback. 

We look forward to the important discussions to come.

Todd Gilchrist
Vice President University Services and Finance, SESC Chair

Rob Munro
Executive Lead, Service Excellence Transformation