U of A for Tomorrow Updates: December 17, 2020

17 December 2020

Here are the key U of A for Tomorrow updates from this week:

Board of Governors approves plans for Academic Restructuring

President Flanagan summarizes the approved plan for academic restructuring which will involve the establishment of three colleges, bringing together 13 faculties organized around shared disciplinary concerns.

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Update from Dec 11 Board of Governors meeting

Board Chair Kate Chisholm provides a summary of the Board’s discussions on GFC recommendations for academic restructuring and provides a summary of the motions passed.

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SET: 5 questions answered

We have greatly appreciated everyone’s willingness to engage with us over the past few months and raise necessary questions and perspectives that will help shape administrative restructuring as we move forward. Here are the answers to the top five most frequently asked SET questions.

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In case you missed it: SET Transition Plan and FAQs

The SET Transition Plan was released December 10, along with a comprehensive, updated list of SET FAQs. We hope these will help give you a better understanding of the changes ahead. If you have questions that are not already answered, we welcome you to connect with the SET team through the feedback form or the uat@ualberta.ca email.

Ask SET Anything! — upcoming events

The SET team will be hosting Ask SET Anything events for staff within each of the six functional workstreams, as well as the Hub, so keep an eye on the UAT consultation page for more information and dates to be released in January.