U of A for Tomorrow Updates: February 25, 2021

25 February 2021

Here are the key U of A for Tomorrow updates from this week:

Ask SET Anything: IT Edition Recap

Last Friday, the SET team hosted another edition of the Ask SET Anything event series specifically for IT staff to raise questions and share feedback about IT administrative restructuring and transitioning. Main topics of interest included what a centralized IT structure will look like, as well as the benefits of working within a central resource. For more information on the event, we’ve prepared a recap including the questions asked and answered, further discussion on career opportunities, and the IT stream’s next step into the transition phase.

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Launch of the shared services web page

The new administrative operating model will introduce a new entity known as the Shared Service Centre which will include the Transaction Processing Hub, Staff Service Centre, and Continuous Improvement Team. To keep you informed about ongoing changes and updates within the Shared Service Centre, a dedicated web page has been created. This web page will track progress as shared services are established within the new administrative operating model. Here you will learn more about activities that will exist within the Shared Service Centre, find information on consultation and engagement events, and much more.

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Ask SET Anything: Shared Services Edition

Join the SET team for another edition of our Ask SET Anything series on Friday, March 12 from 2-3 p.m. This event is for staff to ask questions and provide feedback with regard to the Shared Services Centre, which will incorporate the new Staff Service Centre, Transaction Processing Hub, and Continuous Improvement Team. Anyone interested in attending or asking a question is invited to register for the live Zoom meeting on the event page.

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Launch of Position Opportunities Page

As administrative restructuring at the university continues, we recognize that staff have many questions about their role—possible future roles—in the new operating model. To help provide some answers, the SET team has created the Position Opportunities Page, an online resource which lists upcoming positions that will be part of the new operating model. Our goal is to transparently provide information on new positions that have been planned as part of the new model, and to the extent that we can, keep our university community informed.

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