U of A for Tomorrow Updates: March 18, 2021

18 March 2021

Here are the key U of A for Tomorrow updates from this week:

Prioritizing Equity, Diversity, Inclusivity and Indigenous Initiatives in University of Alberta for Tomorrow

Equity, diversity, inclusivity and Indigenous Initiatives have been, and will continue to be, of importance to the university as we implement University of Alberta for Tomorrow. We continue to strive for an accessible, equitable, and inclusive community of students, faculty, and staff—one that supports our learning environment and is shaped by curiosity, rigorous inquiry, evidence-based decision-making, respect for diversity and expression of ideas, and human rights. As we move through the implementation of administrative and academic restructuring, it is critical that we reaffirm those commitments and monitor our progress.

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Ask SET Anything: Shared Services edition recap

Last Friday, the SET team hosted another edition of the Ask SET Anything event series specifically for staff to learn more about shared services and how it will fit into the university’s new administrative operating model. It was our largest ASA event to date with nearly 650 staff joining us for the live Zoom and watching the livestream. Main topics of interest included how shared services will function at the university and ensuring fulfilling careers are a priority. For more information on the event, we’ve prepared a recap including the questions asked and answered during the event.

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