Fall update: Applying to position opportunities

As the fall term begins, processes for applying to positions that were implemented over the summer months will be changing

02 September 2021

As the university continues transitioning to the UAT operating model, many new positions are being created and will be posted in the coming months. To stay apprised of these new postings, it’s important to regularly keep an eye on the Position Opportunities Page (otherwise known as "POP"), as well as the U of A Careers site.

With the return to campus for the fall term, the changes made to postings over the summer months will be ending. As of September 1, please be aware that:

  • Positions may be posted for a minimum of five (5) business days on the Careers website. Check the POP and Careers sites often to see new opportunities and postings.
  • The option to submit a resume by proxy will no longer be available. All applicants are responsible for submitting their own cover letter and resume through normal routes, via the Careers site, by the specified competition deadline.

Positions on POP

It’s important to note that POP only posts SET-created positions. Most positions on the Careers site are SET positions that were initially posted to POP to give staff a better sense of timing for postings. However, some positions are not SET-driven (for example, positions created by a faculty or that are academic in nature), and therefore, these positions would not be posted to the POP. For more information on the purpose of the POP, please refer to this article.

A major objective of the UAT operating model is to create clearer career paths for opportunities across the U of A, enabling our employees to learn and grow. Historically, such advancement has often been limited to a specific faculty/unit, whereas a primary goal of UAT is to open up opportunities for career advancement across the university. For more information on applying to positions, timing of roles, as well as career resources, please see the recent article, "Deciding to apply for new roles in U of A’s new structure."



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