About Strategic Portfolio Services

Strategic Portfolio Services supports the Facilities and Operations (F&O) portfolio in several key areas:

Administrative Services

Our administrative staff plans, directs and coordinates office and executive support services to keep the portfolio running smoothly. Responsibilities include: records, events and inventory management; scheduling administration and support; facilitating communication between units; and special projects.

Communications and Marketing

Our communications and marketing team provides strategic communications planning, issues management, marketing and design services, media relations and website management services for the portfolio. We reach both internal and external audiences, sharing messages about F&O's people, operations, services and accomplishments.


Our finance team plans and coordinates financial services within F&O. Some of our responsibilities include: accounting, budgeting, purchasing, risk management.

Infrastructure Information and Analytics

Our infrastructure information and analytics team supports, maintains and upgrades F&O's integrated work management system (AiM). We assess data and technology to support business decisions within the portfolio. We transform data into information that helps F&O determine the most efficient ways to operate.


F&O is committed to providing a healthy and safe environment, free from harassment, for students, employees, contractors and the public. In conjunction with Environment, Health & Safety, the safety team supports F&O by: consulting on safety concerns or procedures; providing guidance on legislative requirements; coordinating external training; and delivering specific training, such as new employee orientation.