About Utilities

We supply heat, power and chilled water to more than 100 buildings on UAlberta's North Campus, including the Walter C. Mackenzie Health Sciences Centre, the Cross Cancer Institute, the Jubilee Auditorium and the university itself. We also provide utility services to our South Campus, Augustana Campus, Campus Saint-Jean, Enterprise Square and many other university sites.

More than 70,000 people use our services each day.

District Energy System

We supply safe, efficient and reliable utilities to nearly two-million square metres-or 330 football fields-of building space. Learn how our district energy system produces and distributes this energy.

Utilities Behind the Scenes

From our heating and cooling plants to our electrical, control, information and distribution systems, learn about the equipment and systems that keep our buildings up and running.

Energy Management and Sustainable Operations

We have developed our systems and processes with energy conservation and sustainability top-of-mind. Learn how we are continually working towards reducing environmental impact across UAlberta.


Our skilled engineers, tradespeople and maintenance workers not only provide utility services to UAlberta buildings, but also plan, manage and complete all the university's utility-related engineering, construction and maintenance projects.

Considering a career with Utilities? Learn about our team!