Design Drawing Specifications

If you are creating a CAD drawing for UAlberta, you must use AutoCAD and our Standard Title Block Template.

UAlberta's Standard Title Block Template

To access our Standard Title Block Template, follow these steps:

  1. To import these layout templates into your DWG file, right click the tab on the Layout and Model bar and select "From template…"
  2. Select the "UofA2013.dwt" file and choose a layout. You may need to adjust the top and right boundaries of your title block border to fit the printable area on your plotting device or to make more space on the page for your drawing.
  3. To adjust your title block border, use the "mview" command and the "fit" option to create a temporary border on your printable space for alignment. Title block boundaries should be one-quarter inch (top, bottom and right) and three-quarter inch (left) from the printable edges. The extra half-inch on the left is a gutter binding allowance.

Submitting Drawings

When submitting a drawing for review or tender, please:

  • Use a PDF format.
  • Separate multiple page PDFs by discipline.
  • Make sure each element in your PDF document matches your original design document (size, line weight, colour, etc).

If you need to submit DWG files at an earlier stage, they should meet our DWG Technical Specifications (outlined below).

Final Submission Criteria

If you would like to store a final "As Built" or "Record" drawing set in the University Infrastructure Records Access Program (UIRAP), your files must meet the following criteria:

  • You must submit your drawings as PDF documents (one file per sheet) that exactly match your original design documents (size, line weight, colour, etc).
  • You must include your CAD source files with your PDF documents (including CTBs and Xrefs), and follow our DWG Technical Specifications.
  • Your PDF document names must exactly match your source DWG layout tab names.
  • Please follow the instructions in the Excel file in our Sample UIRAP Submission Folder.

DWG Technical Specifications

For UAlberta's standard title block to print properly, your files must meet the following specifications:

  • Your DWG files should be self-contained with all Xrefs bound using the "Bind" option (not "Insert").
  • Do not explode your Xref files.
  • Insert simple monochrome raster images (like logos) as embedded OLE objects (not as Xref images).
  • For complex or colour raster images (like digital photos or underlays), use an Xref image with a relative path to the same directory as the DWG.
  • Include each sheet as a separate paper space layout tab and follow UAlberta's Standard Layout Template.
  • Your paper space layout viewport should clearly note the scale of your drawing.
  • Your layer names and overall CAD structure should follow the American Institute of Architects (AIA) standards and industry best practices.
  • Save your drawings to DWG 2010 or an earlier format.
  • Include the CTB files when you submit your files.
  • We don't accept DWG files that need MEP, AEC or similar extensions to load or view correctly.