89th Avenue Students' Boulevard

89 Avenue Students' Boulevard

The Office of the University Architect (OUA) engaged with UAlberta students, faculty, staff and other key stakeholders to learn and hear about the experience of people walking and cycling along 89 Avenue from 110 Street to 116 Street, Students' Boulevard, on North Campus.

About the Project

This consultation project (named 89 Avenue Students' Boulevard Multi-Modal Transportation, Concept Plan and Implementation Strategy) will give important feedback to OUA's consulting team, helping them create an integrated design that supports multiple modes of transportation. The proposed plan focuses on safety and will also align with the North Campus Open Space Plan, North Campus Cycle Routes Conceptual Planning Study, and campus operations and maintenance procedures.

About Students' Boulevard

Running along 89 Avenue from 116 street (west) to 110 street (east), Students' Boulevard is a hub for campus life, connecting university buildings, transit and pedestrian/cycling paths. The long-term goal of this project will present a more welcoming, all-seasons collegiate identity that supports a positive campus experience, and fits the university's institutional goals and objectives.

What We Heard

The university hosted two pop-up events this spring and invited the campus community to take an online survey on the future of Students' Boulevard. Thanks for the more than 900 responses across both platforms who engaged with the project team and voiced their perspectives!

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