Space Management

Space Management is responsible for ensuring UAlberta's building space fits its intended use. We develop plans that help occupants use their space to its full potential, and we maintain space data and associated records.

Our Space Management team includes two groups: Space Planners and Space Planning and Inventory Services (SPIS) technologists.


Space Planners

Working with faculty and departmental contacts, Space Planners develop big-picture, long-term plans; create renovation plans; develop space programs; and conduct feasibility studies and space reports for each of UAlberta's campuses. We assess and strategize all university space needs, analyze feasibility, develop project programming, and develop concepts to allocate space.


Space Planning and Inventory Services(SPIS) Technologists

Our SPIS technologists maintain the SPIS system, which is the recognized data source for university space. The SPIS system stores floor plans and houses information about space assignment, occupancy, and area.

How We Can Help You

  • We address space needs for new employees and university initiatives.
  • We assess space needs and present budget-friendly options to reconfigure or expand space.
  • We create floor plans and maps.

Space Requests

We manage requests for space based on the following criteria:

  • Alignment with the Institutional Strategic Plan

  • Priorities for research, academic programs and support areas supported by the President, Provost or Vice-Presidents

  • Government funding priorities or expectations


How We Allocate Space

We allocate space based on executive-supported requirements, and institutional priorities, policies and guidelines. With support from senior-level executives, we work with faculty and departmental contacts to:

  • Understand the vision or objectives behind a space request

  • Analyze opportunities

  • Quantify space requirements

We produce conceptual plans, obtain estimates and create scope-of-work documents to help our executive team and our clients make informed strategic decisions.

Did You Know?

Each UAlberta faculty and department has an assigned Space Planner. We work closely with the space contact in each area to ensure university space is assigned fairly and effectively.

Space is a university asset. Under the stewardship of the Vice-President (Facilities & Operations), space is managed centrally through Space Management. We allocate space to faculties and departments to meet their supported needs.

Large-scale space initiatives need to follow a governance process and need approval from the Facilities Development Committee, which is a sub-committee of the General Faculties Council.