Campus as a Living Lab

UAlberta students experience hands-on learning on campus through Campus as a Living Lab projects. Learn about some of our past and present on-campus research initiatives:

Current Projects 

Sustainability Scholars Project

We are working with Vehicle Pool to research the impact of UAlberta's vehicle fleet on greenhouse gas emissions and to find ways to reduce this impact. We are overseeing graduate research on patterns in fuel consumption, assessing if current programs effectively reduce fuel use, identifying technology and practices to further reduce fuel use, and making recommendations based on our findings. 

Past Projects

Stairwell Campaign 

In this healthy living campaign, we partnered with the U of A On the Move Initiative, the Healthy Campus Unit and a master’s student in the School of Public Health. Our goal was to encourage UAlberta staff and students to increase their daily physical activity by taking the stairs instead of the elevator. 
We ran a successful pilot project in the General Services Building. In the month following the campaign, we saw a statistically significant six per cent increase in stair use in the building. This project was so popular, we expanded the campaign to the Central Academic Building (CAB), and both the Rutherford and Cameron Libraries initiated their own campaigns. 

Waste Audits

We partnered with the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Edmonton Waste Management Centre of Excellence to run waste audits on campus. 
First we developed a waste auditing process, then students from the department's Municipal Solid Waste Management course completed waste audits in numerous buildings on campus for two consecutive years. The students used the data from the audits in their final course project. We also used the data to help us improve waste diversion on campus.

Building Information Modelling Project

We are working with a student researcher from the Nasseri School of Building Science in Engineering to find new ways to use building information modelling in building design and operations at UAlberta.

Are you a UAlberta student interested in working with us on a research project? We would love to hear from you! Contact us today!