Vice President Facilities and Operations

Renewal Projects

Dentistry/Pharmacy Centre

Location: Garneau
Scheduled Completion: 2023–24

Project Description:

The Dentistry/Pharmacy Centre has served UAlberta for nearly a century. The 30,650-square-metre structure was built in phases, starting with the original building in 1921–22, adding the east and west wings in 1946–47, and the centre wing in 1958. Like all good things, this phase of its life has come to an end. But with this end comes a new beginning: this restoration will provide new teaching, academic and administrative space while preserving the building’s historic features and increasing its sustainability and energy efficiency.


Folio article: Capital investment provides new lease on life for 'architectural treasure'
Alberta Advanced Education
Faculty of Engineering: Dentistry & Pharmacy Building Redevelopment

Entrance to Van Vliet 

Van Vliet Locker Room Renewal

Location: Van Vliet Complex
Consultant: BR2 Architecture
Scheduled Completion: January 2020

Project Description:

The Van Vliet locker rooms support the entire Van Vliet complex, which consists of adjoining buildings spanning building opening dates from 1951–2015. The Van Vliet Locker Room Renewal project will update the current Men’s, Women’s and Family locker rooms, as well as provide a reconfiguration of the space to expand the family change room and add an all-gender change room. This reconfiguration will thereby align with the University of Alberta’s commitment to supporting gender and sexual minorities.

The project will be executed in multiple phases affecting both the male and female locker rooms simultaneously. Throughout the duration of construction, portions of each locker room will be isolated and taken offline while the balance of the existing space will continue to operate. As these phases are completed, they will be turned over to the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation for operation. The renewal encompasses a complete overhaul of the interior locker room space with new flooring, lighting, lockers, change stalls, toilets, plumbing, etc. being installed. Both locker rooms will also see a revised layout with a larger family change room being added and the introduction of a gender neutral change room.


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