Residence Budget Advisory Committee

The Residence Budget Advisory Committee (RBAC) is led by students and senior administration, ensuring open and effective communication about Residence Services' budgeting process and issues that directly impact student rent.

RBAC's mandate is to:

  • Consult and discuss proposals while considering the university's guiding documents.
  • Consult, review, consider and discuss issues affecting Residence Services' budget
    planning and development process as it relates to student rents.
  • Assist the students and senior administration in developing common strategies in
    approaching government on matters related to student housing availability.
  • Ensure effective communication between the organizations and offices the Committee represents.

Standing Members

  • Andrew Sharman (Vice President, Facilities & Operations), Chair
  • Andre Costopoulos (Vice‐Provost and Dean of Students)
  • Deborah Burshtyn (Interim Vice-Provost and Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research)
  • Zhihong Pan (GSA, VP External)
  • Andre Bourgeois (SU, VP Student Life)
  • Alex Ho (Augustana Students' Union, VP Communications)

Resource Personnel

  • Katherine Huising (Associate Vice President, Ancillary Services)
  • Janice Johnson (Assistant Dean of Students, Residence Life)
  • Dolores March, (Director, Hospitality Services)
  • Geoff Rode (Director, Operations, Ancillary Services)
  • John Younk (Director, Strategic Planning)