Vice President Facilities & Operations

Move Services

Move services manages both small- and large-scale moves for UAlberta’s faculties and departments. From moving a single piece of furniture or equipment to assisting with move plans and implementing space programs approved by Space Management, our professional team will relocate your office, laboratory or classroom safely and efficiently. 


For moves that involve more than two work stations, please contact your assigned Space Management planner to develop and implement a move plan.

What We Offer

  • We plan your move. We help with scheduling and cost control, create drawings and plans, and develop the layout for your new space.

  • We work with you. We help your faculty or department develop a comprehensive timeline for your move.

  • We handle the details. We arrange cleaning services, patching and painting, furniture delivery and set-up, phone and data set-up, signage and wayfinding materials, and furniture and equipment disposal.

  • We contract qualified movers. Our movers handle everything from furniture to specialized lab equipment to sensitive material safely and with care.

  • We set up your new space. We fix, assemble and reconfigure your furniture.

  • We work quickly. We complete your move in a timely, efficient manner.


We’re ready to help you move into your new space. To arrange our services, please contact our Move Administrator at or fill out a Work Requisition.