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Facility Services Managers

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For immediate assistance or to report an urgent maintenance issue, please contact our Maintenance Desk at 780-492-4833.

If your matter is not urgent, please contact your area's Facility Services Manager:

Area One

Robert Frank
1-4 Mechanical Engineering

North Campus

South Campus 

 Agriculture/Forestry  Mechanical Engineering   Foote Field
 Agriculture/Forestry SUB Link  Natural Resources Engineering Facility (NREF)  Saville Centre
 Agriculture/Forestry GSB Link  NREF/ETLC Link  Medical Isotope Cyclotron Facility (MICF)
 Assiniboia Hall  NREF/GSB Link  
 Athabasca Hall  PAW Social Street  
 Chemical and Materials Engineering (CME)  Pembina Hall  
 Clare Drake Arena  Physical Activity & Wellness (PAW) Centre  
 CME/National Institute for Nanotechnology (NINT)/Mechanical Engineering Links  Remote Control & Monitoring System (RCMS)  
 Computing Sciences  Ring Houses 1 to 4  
 Donadeo Innovation Centre for Engineering  Stadium Car Park  
 Electrical & Computer Engineering Research Facility (ECERF)  Stadium Car Park SUB Link  
 Engineering Teaching & Learning Complex (ETLC)  Morrison Structural Engineering Lab  
 ETLC/Mechanical Engineering Link  Students' Union Building (SUB)  
 ETLC/CME Link  University Hall   
 General Services (GSB)  University Pavilion (Butterdome)  
 Human Ecology  Van Vliet Centre (VVC) East and West  
 Industrial Design Studio  Windsor Car Park  

Area Two

Andy Riddle
E2-35 Chemistry East


North Campus

 Off Campus

 Administration Building
 HUB Mall  U of A Botanic Garden (UABG)
 Arts Building  Humanities  
 Biological Sciences  Humanities/HUB Link  
 CAB/Cameron Library Link  Law Centre  
 Cameron Library  North Lecture Theatres  

 Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science (CCIS)
 Phases 1 and 2

 North Power Plant  
 Central Academic Building (CAB)  Rutherford Library/HUB Mall Link  
 Chemistry East and West  Rutherford Library North and South  
 Dentistry/Pharmacy Centre  School of Business  
 Earth Sciences  South Academic Building  
 Fine Arts/HUB Link  Telus Centre  
 Fine Arts/Law Centre Link  Timm's Centre/Fine Arts Link  
 Fine Arts Building  Timm's Centre  
 Garneau Houses  Triffo Hall  
 H.M.Tory/Lecture Theatres  V-Wing  

Area Three

Jason Fong (Acting)
1-011 Katz Group-Rexall Centre


North Campus


South Campus


Off Campus 

 Brain and Aging Research Building   Jubilee Car Park  Edmonton Research Centre:  Acoustic Lab
 Child Care Centre  Katz Group Centre  F30 - Dairy Cattle Research   Books and Records Depository (BARD)
 Clinical Sciences  Li Ka Shing Centre  F62 - Plant Science Research  Campus St. Jean
 Corbett Hall  Materials Management  F74 - Poultry Building  Ellerslie Research Centre
 Edmonton Clinic Health Academy (ECHA)  Medical Sciences  F79 - Sinclair Swine Research Facility  
 ECHA/Medical Sciences Link  NANUC  F83 - Ag Foods Discovery  
 ECHA/Walter C. Mackenzie Centre/LRT
 /Kaye Edmonton Clinic Link
 R. E. Phillips    
 Education Car Park  Research Transition Facility (RTF)    
 Education North and South  Southfield Car Park    
 Heritage Medical Research Centre (HMRC)  University Terrace    
 HMRC/Education South Link  Zeidler Ledcor Centre