Vice President Facilities and Operations

Recycling and Waste on Campus

Facilities and Operations runs leading-edge recycling and waste management programs. We take care of at least 450 Zero Waste stations and standard recycling stations in common areas, lounges, lobbies, and hallways throughout UAlberta. We also manage many specialized recycling procedures on campus.

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Waste Diversion

Waste diversion is the process of keeping waste from landfills through reduction, reuse, recycling or composting. 
UAlberta’s goal is to divert 90 per cent of our waste from landfills by 2020. We are getting closer to that goal each day by consistently applying and improving our waste diversion practices.

Waste Diversion Working Group

Buildings, Grounds and Environmental Services and Energy Management and Sustainable Operations co-chair the Waste Diversion Working Group. This group takes a zero waste approach the university’s solid waste—it finds ways to reduce waste or to divert it from landfills, and finds opportunities to connect with faculties and researchers within the university.

For more information about the Waste Diversion Working Group, please see its Terms of Reference.

Recycling Infrastructure

Make Your UAlberta Event Sustainable 

Thousands of events and conferences happen on campus each year. Adopting sustainable practices at your event—no matter how big or small—will reduce its impact on the environment. Check out our tips to host an environmentally friendly event

Order a Bin

Contribute to sustainability on campus by renting Zero Waste bins for your UAlberta event. Learn what type of bins you need and how to place your order.