For Students and Post-Doctoral Fellows

The Office of Safe Disclosure & Human Rights is here to help students and post-doctoral fellows (PDFs) promote human rights and safe disclosure principles to other senior leaders, staff, faculty members, students and PDFs. All students and PDFs have a responsibility to promote these concepts in their study, living and work environments. 

Our office collaborates with departments across the University of Alberta to make this possible. This section is designed to help make those conversations possible with tools and online resources to help you make our community a safe place to disclose concerns.

Resources within University of Alberta for Students and Post-Doctoral Fellows (PDFs)

Aboriginal Student Services Centre

Postdoctoral Fellows Office

Code of Student Behaviour

Protective Services

Dean of Students Office

Office of Student Judicial Affairs

Discrimination, Harassment and Duty to Accommodate Policy

Research Ethics Office

Discrimination and Harassment–Allegations Against Students Procedure

Residence Services

Duty of Accommodate Procedure

Sexual Assault Centre

Graduate Students' Association

Specialized Support and Disability Services (SSDS)

Employee Relations and Human Resources Consulting

Student Ombudservice

Ethical Conduct and Safe Disclosure Policy

Students' Union

Faculty Relations

University of Alberta International

Health Promotion and Worklife Services (including Graduate Student Association Assistance Program and Post-Doctoral Fellow Assistance Program)

University of Alberta Policies and Procedures (UAPPOL)

Information and Privacy Office

University of Alberta Wellness Mental Health Services