Disclosure, Assurance and Institutional Research

Providing independent advisory, assurance and disclosure services

The Disclosure, Assurance and Institutional Research portfolio includes the following programs:

  • Strategic Analysis and Data Warehousing
  • Office of Safe Disclosure and Human Rights
  • Helping Individuals at Risk
  • Quality Management in Clinical Research

Deborah Williams is the Associate Vice President, Disclosure, Assurance and Institutional Research (DAIR).

Core Principles

The portfolio is guided by the following core principles:

  • Equity: inclusivity and respect for diversity.
  • Stewardship: the responsible management of public resources through effective risk management and governance.
  • Objectivity: unbiased and independent advice and oversight
  • Integrity: transparency, ethical conduct and governance, and compliance.Evidence: the rigorous use of appropriate evidence, and aggregate data where possible, to advise organizational decision making.

The following factors are critical to the success of our programs:

  • People: sustaining expertise in areas of core competency: audit, analysis, risk management, quality management, human rights and disclosure;
  • Infrastructure: providing consistent access to a high-quality business intelligence and reporting, including the data warehouse;
  • Relationships: fostering formal and informal connections with senior leaders, administrative areas, and program delivery partners throughout the campus community;
  • Credibility: building and maintaining a reputation for independence, expertise and integrity across all DAIR programs;
  • Legislative and regulatory environment: responding to and influencing changes in the context shaping the portfolio's compliance, assurance and analysis functions.