Wildfire Preparedness

Before you go to the field, as part of your Field Activities Plan, prepare your wildfire emergency response plan.

If a wildfire breaks out in your area, report it to the particular province fire report line (right side content).

If in Alberta, download the Alberta Wildifire app. Immediately report a wildfire directly from the application.

While out in the field, monitor local wildfires daily or hourly, dependent upon the conditions. If you voluntarily register for the Field Research Voluntary Registry, you will get emailed updates of wildfires in your area.

If the wildfire has affected your people, property, or research activities, report the incident online.

The Forest and Prairie Protection Act and Regulations governs public safety as they relate to preventing human-caused wildfires and protecting Albertans, their communities, natural resources, and infrastructure from wildfire damage. There are large penalties for infractions - individuals, up to $100K or 2 years imprisonment - corporations can face penalities of up to $10K per offence per day.

Provincial Firemaps


Maps Report a Wildfire

Fire Bans

310-FIRE (3473)
BC Wildfire -800-663-5555
MB Wildfires 1-800-782-0076
NB Wildfires 911
NL Wildfires 1-866-709-3473
NS Wildfires 1-800-565-2224
NT Wildfires 1-877-698-3473
NU n/a n/a
PE n/a 911
ON Wildfires 310-3473
QC Wildfires !-800-463-FEUX
SK Wildfires 1-800-667-9660
YT Wildfires 1-888-798-3473