Financial Reporting and Accounting

The Financial Reporting and Accounting team is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the university's financial information.
We are responsible for providing the overall direction, planning and coordination necessary for an accurate, strategic and efficient financial reporting and accounting environment. Our team continually evaluates and assesses the financial framework which includes financial controls, chart of accounts, internal financial reporting, financial systems, documentation and financial policies and procedures.

The unit supports the university's planning and decision-making process and operational reporting needs by providing a team of professional accountants who offer leadership, consultation and support.

The unit is responsible for the preparation of the university's annual audited financial statements and coordinates on behalf of the university, the Auditor General financial statement audits.

Martin Coutts is the acting Director of Financial Reporting and Accounting

Integrated Finance Services

Integrated Finance Services is committed to providing and promoting strategic integrated finance services across the Campus community in support of the core activities of teaching, learning, research and service. Services include budget planning, financial reporting, forecasting, financial training and management.

Chad Schulz is the Director of Integrated Services

Investments and Treasury

Located in the heart of campus, Investments & Treasury is a dynamic team of eight individuals who work in a highly collaborative, innovative and professional environment.

The Investments & Treasury team is responsible for providing the University of Alberta with strategic leadership and oversight of its cash flow, banking services and investment portfolio.

Our responsibility is to ensure that the University's cash flow is managed effectively and that sufficient liquidity is maintained to meet the University's obligations. This responsibility extends to the design, implementation and delivery of a comprehensive investment program for the University's endowed and non-endowed funds.

Our team continuously evaluates investment opportunities and strategies to ensure that the long-term value of the University Endowment Pool (UEP) is maintained after inflation and program spending in order to equally benefit current and future generations. After taking the University's cash flow requirements into account, we identify and evaluate investment opportunities for the Non-Endowed Investment Pool (NEIP) to enable enhanced levels of support for future strategic initiatives.

Ronald Ritter is the Director of Investments and Treasury

Production Services

Production Services is responsible for all accounts receivables, central cashier services and bank reconciliations. This includes continuous review of these processes to ensure accuracy, effective controls and efficiency. Production Services advises and supports internal and external stakeholders to ensure effective and efficient processing of revenue transactions.

Phil Webb is the Director of Logistics and Business Services