Internal Audit Services

About Us

The University of Alberta's Internal Audit Services (IAS) mission is to evaluate and enhance the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes at the University of Alberta.

Our Services

Our office provides two main services to the University of Alberta community: internal auditing and investigating cases of alleged fraud or irregularities. Both of these services, although very different in approach and result, require the skills and independence residing in Internal Audit Services.

Our service provides the university with independent, objective assurance and consulting services designed to add value and improve university operations. Our office is also responsible for coordinating examinations of suspected cases of fraud or irregular activities that are reported to the University of Alberta.

There are four audit-related activities where our office plays a supporting role: liaison with external audit groups, continuous auditing, risk management and institutional compliance.

Our Reporting Relationship

Our office reports functionally to the Board Audit Committee, administratively to the President and currently delegated to the Vice President (Finance and Administration).

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