Preparing for an Audit

Most individuals probably do not give much thought to an audit until one is underway in their area. To ensure an efficient audit process some helpful suggestions are listed below, which will help you save time and better understand how to work with an internal auditor.

  • Ask for an overview of the audit (terms of reference) to understand the overall objectives and scope of engagement.
  • Identify a coordinator in your area to assist the auditors in understanding your processes and act as a point of contact for the auditors.
  • Answer the auditor's questions to the best of your ability.
  • Provide documentation to support any key assertions, if asked.
  • Do not guess the answer. If you don't know the response to a question, say so. Offer to find out the answer and respond back to the auditor at a later date.
  • If you do not understand the request(s), please let our office know and we will clarify the request.
  • Ask the auditor questions about the reasons behind certain tests or processes if you want to ensure you are providing the most appropriate information.
  • Let the auditors know when you are too busy or not available to answer questions; however, please try to respond to all requests within a reasonable time period.
  • If you cannot make a deadline, please let our office know and we will see if the schedule can be shifted. In some cases deadlines cannot be missed in terms of providing access to documentation.
  • Should your office disagree with an audit finding, then notify us and provide the appropriate documentation to support your position.
  • If you have any concerns with the process being undertaken, speak with the auditor and failing that, telephone the University Auditor at 780.492.0628