Customs Services

Customs Services provides knowledge and guidance to the University of Alberta in all areas of cross – border transactions including: importing goods, exporting goods, assistance in obtaining import and export permits and travelling with University equipment.

With knowledge of Canadian customs requirements and how they apply to the UAlberta’s education and research activities, we provide information and support to the University campus to ensure the most expedient handling of goods to and from Canada, while remaining compliant with applicable Canadian legislation.

Customs Services offers Customs Bulletins with news about importing and exporting regulations and issues affecting the UAlberta: Subscribe to the Customs Mailing List

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Importing Goods Into Canada

  • University’s Customs Broker
  • Mandatory Information for Goods Entering Canada
  • Canadian Duties, Taxes and Brokerage Fees
  • Clearance Delays
  • Perishable Shipments
  • Personal Shipments

Exporting Goods From Canada

  • Mandatory Information for Goods Leaving Canada
  • Shipping by Courier/Freight Forwarder
  • Goods Accompanying A Traveller
  • Common Customs Documents
  • Foreign Duties and Taxes

Permits, Licenses & Other Government Departments (OGD)