Low Dollar Purchasing

*Please note that the LDP Procedure is currently under review. The eligibility and maximums may change. Consultation will be held and any changes, based on data review, could be implemented as of April 1, 2019.*

Low dollar purchasing (LDP) may be used to order low-value (*up to a maximum of $5,000 CDN for domestic suppliers and $2,500 CDN for foreign orders*) from suppliers. LDP System invoices are to be sent directly from the supplier to the ordering department for review and approval.

LDP System orders can be placed by phone, in person, email, web or fax. For foreign orders, the foreign supplier must be provided with a copy of the Customs Clearance Form to expedite customs clearance and avoid delays.

SMS intends to eventually eliminate LDP because of the efficiencies and functionality provided by SupplyNet and added administrative expense of processing LPD invoices (the cost to process averages $68 per invoice).

For further information:

See: Low Dollar Purchase Procedure

Contact: Procurement and Contract Management - SMS Telephone Directory