Supply Management Services

Suppliers to the University

Supply Management Services (SMS) connects the Supplier community to the University of Alberta (UAlberta) through our network of services that includes: Procurement and Contract Management, Customs Services, Distribution Services, Payment Services and Travel Management.

Procurement and Contract Management


Procurement and Contract Management (PCM) is responsible for administration and procurement procedures for goods and services on behalf of University faculties or departments, business units and for all research purchases.

PCM ensures that procurement activity is conducted in a fair, transparent and non-discriminatory process to provide the greatest benefit and best overall value to the University and is in compliance with University policy, competitive bidding laws and trade agreements. PCM advertises all public competitive bid opportunities on the Alberta Purchasing Connection (APC).

Suppliers require a fully authorized contract in the form of Purchase Order (PO) or Agreement prior to supplying goods, services or construction.


University Terms and Conditions


    Services Requisition Terms and Conditions


SupplyNet Terms and Conditions

    SupplyNet PO Terms and Conditions for Products and Services 

Customs Services


All goods ordered by the UAlberta for delivery to Canada must be directed to our customs broker for clearance:

Thompson Ahern Int'l
6299 Airport Road, Suite 506
Mississauga, Ontario, L4V 1N3
Fax: (905) 677-3584

UAlberta account# 16208230

Suppliers must provide a completed Canada Customs Invoice referencing the UAlberta PO/Agreement number and detailing the description of the goods (including catalog numbers if applicable), the country of origin (manufacture) and the value. The declared value of the goods must be the UAlberta total purchase price from the supplier.



UAlberta uses a central receiving model that receives all types of supplies, equipment, furniture, chemicals and cylinders for the entire campus. All items are tracked in a central system and confirmed upon delivery. Items identified as perishable or otherwise time-sensitive are delivered the day of receipt. Other items will be delivered the day of receipt or within 24 hours thereof if addressed correctly. 

All deliveries should be labelled with the University of Alberta, the name of the individual to whom the goods are consigned as well as the department name, room number and building of the consignee. Missing information may result in delivery delays.

Payment Services


UAlberta standard payments terms are Net 30 days unless otherwise agreed by PCM and stated in writing in the PO or Agreement. Payments are issued once per week on Wednesdays by Canadian dollar cheque or Electronic Funds Transfer and by US dollar cheque. Suppliers accepting payment in CAD through a Canadian bank are encouraged to accept payments electronically by submitting an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Invoice Payments Form.

Wire Transfers to suppliers located outside of North America are completed twice per week. We do not issue wire payments to suppliers in the USA. Please ensure your complete and accurate banking information is printed on your invoice. Alternatively, suppliers may provide a Wire Transfer Payment Request Form with an invoice. Incomplete or inaccurate information will result in delays and additional bank fees.

Payment Services does not pay suppliers from a statement of account, proforma invoice or email. We require an original invoice issued to the University of Alberta, referencing the PO/Agreement number, name and contact information of the UAlberta employee who placed the order, supplier name, address and remittance information, invoice number, invoice date, detailed description of the goods/services purchased, total tax and GST/HST registration number (if applicable), total amount due and currency of settlement.

Suppliers are first encouraged to directly contact the individual who placed the order for questions regarding payment status. Alternatively, an email may be sent to our customer service for payment inquiries.