Undergraduate Admissions Solution Implementation Project

The Undergraduate Admissions Solution Implementation project (UASI) was initiated to address the need for a more agile and sustainable admissions solution to support the increasing number and complexity of student applications. Upon completion, the project will provide students, Faculties and Registrar's Office (RO) staff with improved access to information, and a more streamlined admissions process. Every year, the University of Alberta processes approximately 55,000 unique applications, of which around 16,000 are made acceptance offers. With Slate, the chosen solution, we’ll see quicker decisions on applications, reduced processing effort, increased support for enrolment management, and a more transparent process.

The three year endeavour is a joint effort between the RO and IST, and its collaborative approach is quite unique. Recognizing that the end result would cause considerable impact across the institution, voices from the RO, all 17 Faculties, and other central business units were represented among the project team, steering committee and working groups, setting the bar for a new and higher level of engagement.

Students will know it as UAlberta Launchpad, but Slate was ultimately chosen because it looks at the admissions process differently. It fulfills the institutional goal of implementing a self-sustaining solution, and as a cloud-based application, is less reliant on technical resources, making it easier to configure. Ultimately, its flexibility and breadth of functionality will allow for it to grow with the University.

If you are interested in learning more about the Undergraduate Admissions Solution Implementation project and Slate, or LaunchPad, please contact uasiproj@ualberta.ca