Value of IST Services

Technology is heavily integrated into the fabric of the institution connecting you to essential resources. See how we impact the institution across a variety of services and people.

Making a Daily Impact

Everyday we endeavour to support the infrastructure you depend on to share information, access resources and connect with people. We strive to ensure in every capacity services are reliable and delivered effectively.


CCIDs set up


Devices connected to wireless between 11am-2pm daily

Customer satisfaction from follow-up support request surveys (over a year)


Supporting Research

(Shown over a year)
Access to the right infrastructure and research solutions is essential to move research forward. To support research activities, we connect researchers to expertise within IST and research computing experts outside of the university, like WestGrid and Compute Canada.


Researchers supported with free storage

Research Computing Bootcamp Registrants Since 2018


Bootcamp sessions run in 2019


Enhancing Teaching & Learning

(Shown over a year)
As learning delivery methods continue to evolve in higher education, we enable teaching and learning by supporting those critical tools faculty depend on everyday: classrooms; labs; and eClass, the university's learning management system.


Credit courses created online


Supported classrooms and labs



eClass training sessions


Students and instructors using eClass

Digital assessments (including tests and quizzes) completed through eClass


Facilitating Advancements in Administration

(Shown over a year)


Applicants accepted a bundled residency with an admission offer in Bear Tracks


Research proposals submitted online


Documents loaded in Electronic Document & Records Management System


Domestic high school applicants processed automatically through Bear Tracks