Roger Carver Graduate Award

Advancing the Education of the Deaf, Deaf-Blind and Hard of Hearing

The University of Alberta has long been recognized as a leader in supporting students who are deaf, hard of hearing or deaf-blind. Increasingly, students come from across Canada and from other countries to obtain Education degrees here, because of the communication support we can offer via interpreting services, captioning and the most current technology. Your support of the Roger Carver Award will help alleviate the financial burden of one very deserving deaf, hard of hearing or deaf-blind Education Graduate Student every year.

Don't Let Financial Need Hinder a University Education for Our Deaf Students

A graduate award at the University of Alberta requires a minimum $29,000 endowment to earn sufficient interest to create an annual $1000 award in perpetuity. $1000 may seem to be a small sum to most, but to a student who earns an average of $5000 a year, it is a relative windfall.

The Roger Carver Graduate Award will be given annually to a student registered in a master's or doctoral program in any department in the Faculty of Education. Preference will be given to a deaf, deaf/blind or hard of hearing student. The recipient will be selected on the basis of satisfactory academic standing and should demonstrate commitment through their educational research/course work and community involvement to further global justice, human rights, and the advancement of global education and citizenship for deaf, deaf/blind and hard of hearing people.

The goal of this award is to:

  • Provide financial assistance to deaf, deaf-blind, and hard of hearing graduate students in the Faculty of Education who are they themselves advancing research into the improvement of deaf, deaf-blind and hard of hearing education.
  • Attract the top graduate students in the field to the Faculty of Education's Deaf Studies program.
  • To honour Roger Carver for his work in deaf, deaf-blind and hard of hearing education.

Roger Carver, who has been profoundly deaf since infancy, has become a champion for human rights, and through his leadership and diligent efforts he has drastically improved the quality of life for the entire deaf community. Roger has dedicated the past four decades of his life to improving educational opportunities for the deaf, hard of hearing and deaf-blind, and in the process has become an icon for change and a role model to us all.

"The solution to low literacy and inadequate education among the deaf and hard of hearing can be found in the greater involvement of deaf and hard of hearing persons in the shaping of policy and planning processes affecting their own lives and those of deaf and hard of hearing children and their families. Within the "New Era" ushered in by the International Congress on Education of the Deaf in Vancouver in 2010, there is a call for a greater and more meaningful participation in public policy processes by deaf and hard of hearing adults. It is in this spirit that I welcome the creation of this graduate award in my name which I hope will inspire deaf students to work toward greater excellence in education of the deaf and the hard of hearing." - Roger Carver, MEd '89

The Faculty of Education has committed to raise the $29,000 required to establish an endowed award to honour Roger Carver. With your help we hope to see this goal achieved and hopefully surpassed.

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For more information on the fundraising initiative, please contact:
Sean Mowat, Director of Advancement
Faculty of Education, University of Alberta
4-107 Education North
Edmonton, AB T6G 2G5
Phone: 780-492-8863