Joseph Bergman, Peng, MD, FRCSC


Assistant Clinical Professor

Specialization/research interests: shoulder and upper limb surgery

Fellowship: Upper extremity surgery (University of Adelaide, Australia)

Areas of clinical/research interest: shoulder and upper limb surgery

Dr. Joseph Bergman completed his medical school at the University of Calgary. After finishing his orthopedic residency with University of Alberta he did a fellowship in upper extremity surgery with Dr. Greg Bain in University of Adelaide in Adelaide South Australia.

Prior to medical school he practiced as a mechanical engineer with the significant degree of training in biomechanical engineering. For a time, he ran a biomechanical engineering consulting firm.

He is currently the chief of surgery at the Sturgeon Hospital. He was the medical director of the Tour of Alberta professional UCI race and maintains an interest in cycling.

While he performs surgery on almost all of the upper extremity, his specific interest is in the shoulder in both soft tissue and reconstructive procedures.

His research interests include biomechanics studies as well as surgical techniques and rehabilitative regimes, mostly around the shoulder, elbow and wrist.

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