Michael Lapner, MD, FRCSC

Portrait of Michael Lapner

Assistant Clinical Professor

Specialization/research interests: elbow, hand and wrist surgery

Fellowship: Elbow, hand and wrist surgery (Roth McFarlane Hand and Upper Limb Centre, London, Ontario) Upper Extremity Surgery (St. Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver, British Columbia)

Areas of clinical/research interest: Elbow, hand and wrist reconstruction, upper extremity trauma

Dr. Michael Lapner completed his Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree at McMaster University in 2006. He then completed his Orthopaedic Surgery training at the University of Ottawa in 2011. Upon graduation, he completed two fellowships in hand, wrist and elbow surgery. The first was at the University of British Columbia. The second fellowship occurred at the Roth McFarlane Hand and Upper Limb Center in London, Ontario. Dr. Lapner also received a diploma in microsurgery from the University of Southern California.

Dr. Lapner has been at the Sturgeon Community Hospital, now the home of the Western Hand & Upper Limb Facility (WULF), since 2013. His practice consists of reconstructive, trauma, and soft tissue surgery of the hand, wrist and elbow surgery.

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Office Address: Sturgeon Medical Centre, 230-625 St. Albert Trail, St. Albert, Alberta, T8N 3L3


Phone: (780) 569 - 5494
Fax: (780) 569 - 5493