Nomination Committee Portal

The Nomination of Chancellor Portal will be open to the Joint Nomination Committee in 2019, in advance of the next nomination and election cycle.

Thank you to our 2016 Joint Nomination Committee for their hard work:

  • Jeffry Kochikuzhyil - Students' Union appointee
  • Anne Lopushinsky - Alumni Council appointee
  • Brent McDonough - Alumni Council appointee
  • Anita Molzahn - General Faculties Council appointee
  • Andrea Mondor - Senate appointee
  • Colin More - Graduate Students' Association appointee
  • Toni Samek - General Faculties Council appointee
  • Barry Schloss - Senate appointee
  • Allen Snart - Senate appointee
  • Wanda Wetterberg - Alumni Council appointee
  • Sheena Wilson - General Faculties Council appointee

The membership of the the Joint Nomination Committee is outlined in the Post-Secondary Learning Act (2003), Sec 7(2).