U School uses volunteer presenters on a wide range of topics based on the classroom teacher's theme and requests. It is very important with students in grades 4 to 9 that the presentations include a hands-on component and are interactive. They can handle just sitting and listening for about 20 minutes. Interspersing talking with activity is really good. Presentations run from 30 - 90 minutes depending on the activity. If you feel you need longer than 90 minutes, let us know and we will see if we can accommodate a longer sessions. Each week is tailored to the teacher and class.

Teachers like their students to have the opportunity to see as much of the campus as possible. If we can come to visit you where you work it enhances the experience. This is not always possible an we do have classroom spaces where you can come to us.

If you are interested in being a presenter, please contact us and indicate what you would like to do a presentation on, what grades it would be appropriate for, where the session could be held and when you are available.

Chicken Reproduction

Dr. Frank Robinson shares his expertise in poultry reproduction with U School Participants

We are always looking for new presenters!  Our U School year runs mid September to mid April and we prefer topics to be related to Alberta Curriculum.  Some topics we are currently looking for are:

  • drama
  • music
  • medicine 
  • dentistry 
  • dance
  • math (especially where it ties to real life)
  • engineering
  • clothing and textiles
  • art (print making, sculpture, sketching, drawing, multi-media)
  • Iroquois confederacy
  • archeology
  • women's studies
  • Alberta's history

We are always open to your ideas for sessions!