Applying for Funding


For the UofA Northern Research Awards: Submit the UofA Common Application only

For the NSTP grants: Submit the UofA Common Application & NSTP Online Application

Grants are meant to help offset the higher or additional cost of conducting research in northern and/or remote areas; the budget should reflect this.

Collaboration is encouraged for cost-efficiencies; members of research teams working on individual projects attached to a research program should coordinate multiple applications.

Applicants must obtain all necessary signatures and provide ethics statements, apply for research licenses and permits, and undertake all consultations with all relevant communities and organizations for the project.

Supervisors should assist students in completing their application.


Common Application Grants Workshop:September 19th, SAB 150, 13:00 - 14:00  and September 20th, SAB 150 10:00 - 11:00 (a video conference link will be available, request from

Deadline for Application for both grants: 21, 2017 October - for the electronic submission, hard copy Oct 22.
(Please check on internal Departmental deadlines for grant applications)

Reporting for NSTP for 2017-2018 recipients is November 1, 2017.

Adjudication: Nov-Feb

Notification of results of competition: 30 March

Funds made available to grantees: 1 April


A 'Grants Workshop' is held in September each year to provide an overview of the grants program, and advise on field research licensing, protocols, logistical issues, and other considerations.  The Grants Workshops for the 2017-2018 academic year will be held on September 19th 13:00 -14:00:00, and September 20th 10:00- 11:00.

We will hold a session on reporting requirement following each session September 19th 14:00-14:30 and September 20th 11:00-11:30

You are welcome to set up a time to meet if you have any questions email:

UofA Northern Research Awards Committee
The UofA Northern Research Awards Committee is appointed each year to evaluate applications to the NSTP and the UofA Northern Research Awards program. As per the NSTP guidelines, the Committee that adjudicates award recommendations is required to be formally recognized as such by the President of the university.

The committee comprises four academic staff members of the UofA, appointed to represent broad disciplinary areas (life/biological Sciences; earth sciences/engineering; social sciences/humanities/fine arts/medical sciences) for a three-year term (staggered), and serving as Chair in the third year appointment; one student representative, appointed for a one-year term; and one ex officio member from UAlberta North (non-voting).

UANRA and Common Application forms: (Remember to use Adobe Acrobat Reader for the forms)

Guidelines and Instructions for the UofA Common Application Form

Common Application Form for Northern Research Awards

Supervisor's Evaluation Form

UAlberta North Signature page


NSTP guidelines and form:

Guidelines and Instructions for the NSTP Online Application


APPLICATIONS DEADLINE for both grant programs: 4:00 p.m. October 21, 2017 for an electronic submission - and October 22nd for a hard copy to be dropped off at  Ring House 3.
DEPARTMENTAL DEADLINE: Please refer to your Department/Faculty deadlines - these can be up to 14 day prior to the sponsors deadline.


1. UAlberta North Signature Page: This form should be signed by you (as principal investigator), your supervisor (as co-investigator), your department chair and the dean of your faculty.

Please note you are NOT required to have RSO sign this form – UAlberta North will coordinate with RSO on the final block application and UAlberta North is responsible for dispersing all Award funds for these programs.

2. One hard copy of the Common Application Form including:
  • Detailed research proposal
  • If applicable, additional sheet justifying project:
  • if it falls outside the geographic area of focus in the case of the UofA Northern Research Awards;
  • if the project falls in the northern regions of circumpolar countries other than Canada in the case of NSTP

3. Electronic copy of the completed Common Application form to

4. Supervisor’s Evaluation form. Please ensure your supervisor sends the completed form directly to the Northern Research Awards Committee by email to by October21

5. One hard copy of the signed NSTP online application form.


Send an electronic copy of the Common Application Form and attachments to: (Note: Electronic submissions are not accepted as a complete submission.)

Send one hard copy of the Common Application form and attachments; and signed hard copies of the NSTP online application by October 21 to:

UofA Northern Research Awards Committee
UAlberta North
Ring House 3
University of Alberta
(You can drop them off in the mailbox)

Useful links:

Northern Research Licenses and Permits

Northern Research Ethics, Certifications, Community Consultations (coming soon)