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Northern Scientific Training Program (NSTP) Grants

The Northern Scientific Training (NSTP) grants are sponsored by Polar Knowledge Canada.The block grant awarded to the UofA is based on a submission of individual projects and reports on awards from previous years. These grants are open to graduate and senior undergraduate students (CDN Citizens or Permanent Residents) at the University of Alberta in a program leading to a northern specialization.    

The geographic area of focus is Canada, north of the discontinuous permafrost zone. The terms of reference for these grants were extended in 1994 and the committee now accepts applications for research in other circumpolar areas, provided that the research has applicability to northern Canada. Please review the guidelines (page 13) for changes in eligibility in the other countries

For more information on how to apply:

 NSTP Grants page  

Please send all applications to the following address:

UAlberta North
Ring House 3
University of Alberta
Edmonton AB T6G 2E1

NOTE: The term `Northern` is understood to include that part of Canada , which lies north of the southern limit of the discontinuous permafrost zone in Canada, (see SLimitDiscPerm map posted below), the Northern Alberta Development Council Area of Alberta, (see NADC Map posted below),  and the other seven countries of the Arctic Council (Finland, Greenland [Denmark], Iceland, Norway, Russia, Sweden, and the United States [Alaska]).

Refer to NSTP guidelines for eligibility of other circumpolar countries

Map-Northern Alberta Development Council Area of Alberta

Map-Southern Limit of Discontinuous Permafrost Zone in Canada