UofA Northern Research Awards

The UofA Northern Research Awards (UANRA) aim to promote interest in northern studies, and provide opportunities for senior undergraduate and graduate students to obtain experience and professional training in the North.


To provide seed money to initiate field research in or about the circumpolar north. 


Open to graduate and senior undergraduates of the UofA.

Funding period

Tenable for one year effective April 1 of the granting year. Applicants can apply for only one UofA Northern Award per year to a maximum of 3 awards/Masters and 4 awards per PhD program. 

Fields of research

The program supports basic or applied research in any discipline, provided it applies to Northern Alberta, the subarctic and arctic regions of Canada and/or the Circumpolar North.

Geographic area of focus

Priority for support will be given to areas within the Canadian north and northern transition zone shown on the Circumpolar/Boreal map. Applications for research based in the montane regions will be evaluated based on their applicability to the north and availability of funding.

Specific funding conditions

Grants support field expenses (including on-site archival research) for the researcher. Funds cannot be used for salaries for the grantee. Note: field assistants will be supported for FIELD SAFETY reasons; i.e. remote area research, and when funds allow. Requests for technical support functions (e.g., computer work, analyses), will not be considered.

Guidelines and Instructions

UofA Common Application

Supervisor's Evaluation

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