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The Cameron Visiting Professorship in Northern/Circumpolar Research University of Alberta

Description of position
The Cameron Visiting Professorship (CVP) in Northern/Circumpolar Research is supported by the Ashley and Janet Cameron Endowment, which is intended to boost Northern and Circumpolar research and studies at the University of Alberta. In the spirit of the endowment, this visiting professorship will allow interested northern/circumpolar-focused research scholars to spend a minimum of one month and a maximum of three months at the University of Alberta during an academic term.
By their presence on campus (Edmonton and Camrose), the holder of the CVP will contribute to enhancing the teaching and research activity of the University of Alberta and to building cooperation and relationships with faculty engaged in Northern/Circumpolar research. The visiting professor will carry out their own research, but in collaboration with identified UAlberta faculty. The visiting professor will be co-hosted by UAlberta North with a relevant department/Faculty. The intent is to rotate the professorship among Faculties.
The visiting professorship will be supported each year by a maximum award of $12,000 from UAlberta North. This support will offset costs related to travel and maintenance.

The Cameron Visiting Professorship is open to candidates from any discipline or field of study in Northern/Circumpolar research. The CVP program is designed for faculty from other Canadian and international universities, research institutes or equivalent organizations who are interested in collaborating with a University of Alberta faculty member in teaching and research on northern/circumpolar topics. Normally, the incumbent is likely to have existing interactions with a faculty member at the University of Alberta.

The visiting professorship is a non-salaried position and will have a maximum value of $12,000 per 3-month period. Compensation will include travel expenses (economy return flight to Edmonton), accommodation (up to $2,000 per month) and living expenses (up to $1,000 per month). There will be no provision for travel for family members.
Depending upon the number of applications and availability of funds, more than one professorship could be awarded in a given year.
The Cameron Visiting Professor will be provided with office space, library privileges, and access to the university’s electronic resources. The CVP does not provide salary replacement or administrative support.

Terms of appointment

The professorship is for a minimum term of 1 month and a maximum term of 3 months. The term of the appointment will be during either Fall term (September-December) or Winter term (January-April).
Given the purpose of the Cameron Endowment, funds cannot be used for travel for research or fieldwork or attendance at conferences or workshops during the tenure of the CVP. The expectation is that the holder will have a presence on campus for the majority of their tenure and will contribute to the research and teaching environment of the University of Alberta.
The visiting professor will be expected to deliver a UAlberta North sponsored public lecture, series of lectures/talks or seminars related to their research, be available for consultation with faculty and graduate students on a regular basis, and be available for the occasional guest lecture in relevant northern/circumpolar-related courses at the University of Alberta.

Application procedure
The application should include completed nomination form and the nominee’s curriculum vitae.  Nomination form
The upcoming deadline for nominations is 15th October for the Winter Term ((January-April).
For more information, please contact Anita Dey Nuttall at (780) 492-9089;