Education Abroad offers over 300 programs available for all UAlberta students to participate in no matter their discipline. As an Education student, you can participate in all of our programs: semester/year exchanges, short term/summer programs, faculty-led programs and international internships. Discover all the programs EAP has to offer by checking out our Program Finder.

Academic Considerations

You should discuss with an academic advisor in your faculty regarding the specifics for going abroad, as well as regarding choosing and taking academic courses.

Credit Transfer

Approval for transfer credit is only provided after completion of coursework, due to external requirements placed on the BEd degree program through the Teacher Certification and Qualifications processes. Students may be eligible to receive academic transfer credit if the coursework they complete abroad fits into the program requirements of their UAlberta degree. The Faculty of Education will assess credit on a per-course basis. The Faculty of Education will require 6 – 8 weeks to assess transfer credit and will begin the assessment once the official transcripts and required documentation has been received. Factors considered in the evaluation of transfer credit are:

  • Courses need to be completed at an accredited institution (contact the International Office at the Registrar’s Office for more information)
  • Courses need to have 32-39 or more contact hours to be considered
  • Courses need to have grades of 60% or C- and higher on our scale Courses cannot be repeated content as courses previously taken transfer credit for courses may need to be approved by Subject Area Specialists

Please note that it is imperative that you keep and submit course outlines, course materials/assignments and also submit official transcripts in a timely manner, to be evaluated for potential transfer credit.

Program Information

The Faculty of Education offers International Advanced Field Experience programs specific to students in Education

The following University of Alberta International programs are recommended for students in the Faculty of Education based on past participation from students in the Faculty, credit-transfer, and relevance.