WAN 2018

Invitation to Participate in WAN 2018 Meeting & Conference

Dear fellows and friends,

On behalf of the Wirth Alumni Network and the Wirth Institute I would like to invite all of you to join the celebrations for the 20th anniversary of the Wirth Institute and the 8th anniversary of the Wirth Alumni Network taking place at the University of Alberta from August 28th to September 1st 2018.

What started as a small enterprise in 1998 has grown significantly in numbers, both in terms of participating countries and the research assistants who today form the core group of our Alumni Network of over 60 members. The 20th anniversary of the Wirth Institute is indeed the perfect occasion to bring the biennial alumni meeting back to Edmonton where the idea of an alumni network first came into being. In 2008, former Director Prof. Franz Szabo invited the research assistants of its first ten years back to the Centre for Austrian and Central European Studies for its 10th anniversary. It was the amazing energy generated by this celebration that gave birth to the alumni meetings and guided and inspired all of our future encounters in Europe. Following meetings in Vienna (2010), Budapest (2012), Prague (2014), and Wrocław (2016) it is now time to return to Canada, for celebration, for revisiting cherished memories and making new friendships, and for looking keenly ahead to the future.

We are also pleased to include with this message the Call for Papers for the 2018 WAN Conference, “The Imaginary Indian: Images, Stereotypes and Perceptions of North American Indigenous Populations in Central Europe”. This international conference and collaboration of the Wirth Alumni Network and Wirth Institute will be held at the University of Alberta from August 29th to August 31st, 2018. To assist with the planning of this conference, the Wirth Institute is pleased to introduce you to Przemysław Tworkowski. Przemysław, who you may know from Wrocław in 2016, will be working diligently with us to organize this conference and is the key contact person to whom conference-related inquiries should be directed.

Thanks to the great efforts of Prof. Patrouch and Sylvia Chrobak, we are able to offer a total of 25 travel grants (including flight ticket and 4 nights hotel in Edmonton) to bring former research assistants back to Canada. WAN members who are selected to participate in the conference will have their travel and accommodations covered separately. Please keep in mind that hotel accommodations are based on double-occupancy in order to accommodate for the greatest number of WAN members possible. We are well aware that work obligations and family ties may make it difficult to join this year’s meeting and celebrations. Nonetheless, we hope that many of you will share our excitement and will be able to make the journey to Edmonton. Please note that WAN Board elections, including determination of the Croatia 2020 Meeting Chair, will also be held at this time.

At this point we would kindly ask all of you to help with the planning by providing short feedback and letting us know about your intentions and possibilities. Please choose among the following items which option is the most likely for you. Please copy the line into the subject of your response and send it to tworkows@ualberta.ca by March 26th. If we do not hear from you by this date, we will assume that you are not interested in participating.


A. I will definitely come to Edmonton regardless of financial support from the Wirth Institute

B. I am interested, but only with financial support on behalf of the Wirth Institute

C. I will definitely not be able to join the meeting in Edmonton

Again, because hotel rooms are based on double-occupancy, please include a short note in your message that you intend to travel with a spouse, partner, or family, etc.

Further information on the program will follow soon.

On behalf the entire Wirth Alumni board and the organizing team in Edmonton I extend warmest wishes to all of you!

Gregor Kokorz

Wirth Alumni Network