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Central European Film Club 2020: Going Back in Time


Join us as the Central European Film Club opens its 4th series dedicated to Central Europe’s past. Central Europe is a complex, diverse and multi-layered region. You will not get an understanding for it without looking into its history – or, better still, into its many histories. It’s time for us to take you on a cinematic journey back in time!

We will start this trip in Hungary in 1944. In Attila Szász’s Eternal Winter (2018) we follow Iren and Raimund, and witness a love story that blossoms despite the inhuman conditions of the Soviet labor camps, where over 700,000 Hungarians had been deported at the end of WWII. Turning to Austria, Angelo (2019) by Markus Schleinzer is also a story of deportation, though one of a completely different nature. In his second movie, Schleinzer narrates the story of Angelo Soliman, Vienna’s famous 18th century “court Moor” with images of intense beauty which critically question white supremacy in the historical context. Poland’s Cold War (2018) directed by Pawel Pawlikowski brings us back into the 20th century. Pawlikowski portrays decades of communist regime through the lens of the tragic love story of two musicians, Zula and Wiktor, who can neither escape their love nor the system of political control and cruel repression which in the end does not give them space to breathe. We finish our journey in Croatia. In The High Sun (2015) Dalibor Matanic focuses on the decades of ethnic conflict around the Yugoslavian war in the 1990s, once again through the twists and turns of a powerful love story.

@ 3:30 pm, L-1 Humanities Centre, University of Alberta

FREE to attend! FREE snacks!


February 14 - Eternal Winter (2018) directed by Attila Szász, HUNGARY

March 13 - Angelo (2019) directed by Markus Schleinzer, AUSTRIA

April 9 - Cold War (2018) directed by Pawel Pawlikowski, POLAND

May 1 - The High Sun (2015) directed by Dalibor Matanic, CROATIA