Mobile Central European Library

The Mini-Mobile Central European Library: Catalogue 1 LAST CALL!

Are you looking for something new and exciting to read while you're at home practicing physical distancing? Then we have a real treat for you! While our libraries remain closed we have come up with a unique way to get some fabulous books from Central Europe right to your doorstep - with no contact at all! Simply follow these 2 steps to secure your book for a 3 week loan period:

1. View the list of books available for the 3 week rental period beginning September 19th. To reserve your book select the book number you wish to borrow from the available titles and simply phone or e-mail that number by Friday, September 18th, along with your contact information. Limit one book per person per rental period.

2. We will contact you by end of business day on Friday, September 18th to confirm arrangements for contact-free drop off of your selected book. Drop offs will take place September 19th and or 20th.

A new list of available books will be released on Monday, October 5th for the next 3 week rental period beginning the weekend of October 10th. Books on loan for the preceding 3 week period will be picked up/swapped on the same weekend and go into a 2 week quarantine in order to be available again for the subsequent loan cycle. This way we all remain safe and you get to enjoy reading some excellent titles from Central Europe completely worry free.

Happy Reading Everyone!

See below for our current catalogue of available titles!