Anna Windisch

Anna Windisch

Doctoral candidate at the Institute for Theater, Film and Media Studies, University of Vienna, Austria
Anna Windisch
After receiving my masters degree in Theatre, Film and Media Studies from the University of Vienna in 2010, it proved difficult to find the appropriate funding for my doctoral dissertation or get a position at my department. I started my doctorate nonetheless and in my dissertation project I examine national and international phenomena of Early Cinema and Silent Film exhibition. My main hypothesis evolves around a cultural transfer in silent film music between Austria and the United States.

My successful application for the Wirth fellowship provided me with a research assistant position that comes with many benefits. The most obvious one is the amount of time that I can dedicate to my dissertational project, and I am currently focussing on North American practices of Silent Film exhibition. Furthermore, I make use of the local resources and library services specialized in my field of research that I cannot find to this extent in Vienna. The library at the University of Alberta has a vast selection of literature on my topic, and, in addition, it proved simple to request items from universities worldwide via the interlibrary loan.

Beside my academic work, Edmonton turned out to be a cultural experience in many ways. The so-called 'culture-shock' is not a major one, yet, experiencing the areal distances of Canada, living in a remote place for a full year and being confronted with a 'North American way of life' to some degree, leads me to re-examine my own lifestyle and certain values and forms a valuable personal experience.


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