Marina Prazetina

Marina Pražetina

Marina Pražetina, PhD Candidate at the University of Zagreb, Croatia
Marina Prazetina
I am a doctoral candidate at the Department of Philosophy at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, Croatia. My research focuses on the trustworthiness of science in the nexus between science, society and policy. It explores the role of science in society and policy making in order to single out the conditions that are needed for scientific expertise to be trustworthy. Main area of my interest is in examining the relations between scientific objectivity and the role that social and ethical values, responsibility and research integrity have in the scientific process and it's relation to the scientific policy advice.

Since the very beginning of the Horizon 2020, EU research and innovation programme I have been participating in two Horizon 2020 projects and working as NCP for Joint Research Centre, European Commission's in-­‐house science service, Science with and for Society as well as Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies where I am also member of Horizon 2020 Programme Committee.


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