INT D 325

HIST 444 - A1/444 - A2: From Budapest to Hollywood: Transnational Networks of the Entertainment Industry (1900-1939)

Spring 2019


Instructor: Gyöngyi Heltai, Hungarian Visiting Professor

Tuesday and Thursday 1500 - 17:50

Location: T 2 44

The course will examine the cultural transfer techniques of the theater and film industry, with special emphasis on Paramount and its offices in Budapest, Paris, and Berlin. Using an interdisciplinary approach, the course introduces students to the operational techniques of the transatlantic art trade (cooperation, rivalry, marketing strategies, handling of political and cultural conflicts). We will focus on the role of some initiators of transatlantic trade (e.g. the Hungarian born president of Paramount, Adolph Zukor). The discussed topics will include the dissemination of mass cultural goods (movie and theatre chains), the border-crossing lifestyle of producers, directors and stars. The course familiarizes students with the notions of cosmopolitanism cross-cultural translation, theatrical commodification and New Cultural History.