INT D 225

MUSIC 584 - B1 (96684) / MUSIC 484 - B1 (96683) Music in Vienna

Winter 2019


Instructor: Gregor Kokorz

F 9.30 - 10.50

Location: A 403

In this course, we will focus on the social contexts of music and on how different contexts have shaped music itself. The course will thus bring into conversation musical and social developments. We will learn to discern for which social contexts music has been composed and performed, and we will ask questions of how these specific contexts have shaped the music, its structure and meaning as well as expectations and the actual listening processes of the audiences. We will do this by focusing on the musical development in Vienna, one of Europe's most influential musical centers. We will follow the musical development in the capital of the Habsburg Empire roughly from the Viennese classic period in the late 18th century to the Second Viennese school at the beginning of the 20th century.

The course will offer a mixture of lectures, readings, listening examples, and discussions. Each participant will have to choose one or two musical examples and is expected to do a close reading of them adopting criteria and questions that will be defined in our discussions throughout the course.

Grading will be based on course participation, an oral presentation, and a written paper on the chosen examples, 20 pages (Music 584) undergraduates 12 pages (Music 484).

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